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Decorative Printed Concrete is often a wise choice for patios, driveways and footpaths around your home. The two main choices you will have to make are colour and print. To avoid a clash with your house and garden, of these two, colour is the dominant consideration.

Here are some examples of our work, with tips to help narrow your selection and add life to your home.

1. Yellows to Conflict or Contrast?

Yellow walls? A Sandstone coloured driveway may be conflicting, however by lessening the area and confining Sandstone to the footpath and choosing a charcoal drive or patio, you can actually add to the appearance of your home.

Colour Printed Concrete

Above is a recent job we completed showing how the Sandstone coloured footpath contrasts nicely with the darker, charcoal driveway.  

Futhermore, do not underestimate the power of your greenery to compliment the subtlest of colours.

Below is an example of similar colours not working and in effect, the house and concrete  can seem to clash. A good rule, if your entire house is painted with a yellow, a darker footpath, patio,driveway colour will balance the appearance and avoid this conflict.

Printed Concret Footpath

2. Orange? A good idea?

Our Terracotta range has worked very well with most stone faced exteriors. As I mentioned above, yellow walls and sandstone drives can often clash, on the other hand, red/orange brick can often be complemented by an orange patio or driveway.

Printed Concrete Patio

Shown above;  the clearly defined white border at the plinth of the house separates the 'orange' colours and results in a collaboration that is hard to beat.

Below is an example of where the house and Patio can clash. Alternatively a Sandstone or charcoal Colour may be more suitable here. The red borders around the windows and doors along with the dark red plinth can contrast with such a vibrant terracotta. Be sure to keep this in mind when selecting the paints to use on your home.

Printed Concrete Patio

3. I thought Plum was a  fruit?

The colour Plum has been used very effectively in concrete kerbing and as a splash of colour in charcoal driveways.


However, only the brave have decided to go all out and immerse themselves in Plum!!

In choosing a driveway, we often keep it simple; plain concrete, tarmac, brick, gravel and stone are very common choices.

Printd Concrete


While Plum or Red coloured driveways are extravagent, it can often be a solution whrn you have taken those extra chances with the materials in your home. 

Be sure to keep up to date on our website and facebook page when you are deciding to upgrade your Driveway, Patio or footpaths or looking to upgrade your existing House. 

Call Michael on 087 2204420 for a no obligation consultation on how your Home can be transformed with our Range of Colours, Prints and unique style for your Driveway, Patio, Kerbing and footpaths.

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